How To Prevent Pipes From Freezing

plumber-Myrtle-Beach-5-300x200.jpgOnce temperatures drop, there is a great risk that your pipes will freeze and burst. As a matter of fact, homeowners usually complain of water damage due to burst pipes during the winter season. The Insurance Institute For Business and Home Safety even said that consumers spend a whopping $5,000 or more to fix this problem with the help of a plumber.

The pipes in interior spaces that are not heated are the ones at greater risk. These include the basements, garages, and attics. But this does not mean that pipes that run through exterior walls as well as cabinets do not freeze. They are also at risk. To avoid costly repairs and the hassle that it brings, you might want to consider the tips provided below. These will help keep your house dry and water running.

IBHS spokeswoman Susan Millerick said homeowners should consider using pipe insulation to protect vulnerable pipes. This does not cost that much compared to the amount that they have to pay in getting their home fixed due to water damage. If you don’t know what to do, call a professional plumber Myrtle Beach right away.

When the temperature outside starts to plummet, you need to take necessary measures to make sure that your pipes are kept warm and your water running without problems. According to the study performed by the Building Research Council at the University of Illinois, you should be watchful especially if your home has running uninsulated pipes running through spaces that are not insulated as well.  Although you may not like a few of the steps that professionals recommend, the extra expense that comes with it is nothing compared to the thousands of dollars you need to pay for the repair cost.

Keep the doors of your garage closed especially if you have water supply lines in this area. It is also helpful to open the bathroom and kitchen cabinet doors so warmer air can circulate around your plumbing system. Be sure to keep the thermostat set at the same temperature during the day and the night. Additionally, if you wish to go on a vacation during the winter season, be sure to leave the heat in your home set at 55 degrees Fahrenheit and no lower than that. For a long term solution, it is best to add insulation to crawl spaces, basements, as well as attics.

You should also learn how to thaw frozen pipes. One good indication that you have a frozen pipe is if only a trickle comes out of the faucet after turning it on. You need to be careful when thawing them out because you might end up flooding your home if done incorrectly. If you have a broken pipe, you need to go to the main shutoff valve and shut off the valve. This is usually located at the spot where the main line enters the house or at the water meter. In case the water continues to run and there are no burst pipes, you can do the following steps: switch on the faucet, apply heat on the section of the pipe with the use of  an electric heating pad or electric hair dryer. Continue to apply heat until full water is restored.

Call MBHS Plumbing if you need help with frozen pipes or other kinds of plumbing problems.

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